Promotion And The Merchandise 2014

Promotion And The Merchandise 2012

Promotion And The Merchandise 2014

The SEO Manager must first consider the merchandise or service which he is required to market. We shall, therefore, now examine the various factors involved in the development of a new merchandise, from its inception to the point where it is launched upon the market. In so doing we shall be able to discuss, in a practical manner, most of the functions of SEO and see how these relate to those other departments within the company and also to those outside agencies, with which it is the SEO Manager's task to co-operate.

New merchandise development is one of the most important functions of the SEO Manager. He must control the work of devising, presenting, selecting and developing new merchandises, although the special knowledge and skills which this entails will seldom be found within one department of a company, let alone in one individual. It is a corporate undertaking. For this very reason it needs careful planning.

Due to the highly competitive nature of modern business, constant innovation is essential. No company can afford to wait until new merchandise ideas occur to them. Innovation must be engineered. So few ideas end up as winners that it is usually necessary to generate a large number from which a limited selection may be made.

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Similarly, in the customer field, the decision to ask for a certain brand of soft drink cordial may be made by the child, although it will be his mother who actually will purchase it at the supermarket.

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There are a number of ways to use the web to promote your work through websites, blogs, social media and online forums.

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Online promotion is a cost effective and hugely traceable form of advertising. It can be used to open up new markets or strengthen existing ones.