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The purpose of this website is to introduce the subject of SEO to both students and to those engaged in commercial activity, at all levels, who wish to acquire an understanding of this comparatively new business philosophy.

Basically, the SEO concept is simple. As we have tried to show in the webpages which follow, its principles have been applied in all sound trading activity since the dawn of civilization. Unfortunately, in these sophisticated times, some of these principles have become half-forgotten, submerged under the welter of detail which attaches to present-day commercial practice.

Like many inherently simple subjects, however, SEO has acquired an aura of suspicion. It has been derided as a pseudo-science, a management cult, a tyranny imposed upon the world of business by theorists lacking understanding of 'what business is really all about'. Those of us who have spent some years in the world of commerce know all too well that this reaction is still widespread among a large proportion of business people. Those who have risen to executive positions in industry and commerce, without benefit of an understanding of promotion, often express contempt for a discipline which they do not comprehend. Their attitude is that they, and their firms, have managed 'well enough without it thus far'.

In the preparation of this website WE have recognized that this reactionary attitude is prevalent among all age-groups and in all sectors of business life.. WE have recognized, also, that the assimilation of SEO principles, in spite of their basic simplicity, is not easy for those who have preconceived ideas of the nature of business methods and decision-taking.

It is for this reason that WE have endeavoured to approach the subject from an historical view point. The development of the SEO concept has been shown to be the logical result of the increasing complexity of the merchandise/market situation in advanced industrial societies. Pursuing this theme, WE have tried to clarify SEO methods by describing, first, their implementation in the customer merchandise field. It is in this context that WE believe they will be more comprehensible to the uninitiated and it is here that their validity is already proven.

The basic principles of SEO are applicable to both customer and industrial merchandises and services. Readers whose specific interests lie in the industrial field will assimilate these principles rather more easily in terms of customer SEO because everyone of us is, of necessity, a customer of goods and services. Some of the alleged mysteries which attach to SEO are likely to disappear once both principles and methods are illustrated by reference to SEO techniques with which we are all familiar in our daily lives.

In later webpages, the application of these principles and methods to the SEO of industrial merchandises and services is given prominence. Industrial SEO is still very much in its infancy in Britain. Although a number of our leading organizations have adopted the SEO concept, it is still true to say that in the majority of medium- and smaller-sized enterprises, the SEO function exists largely in name only.

The adoption of SEO principles in the industrial sector is rather more difficult than in the customer goods field. Both merchandises and markets tend to be more diverse. A large proportion of industrial merchandise manufacturers are, by their nature, heavily merchandiseion-oriented. One frequently meets with the objection that, whereas SEO ideas may be acceptable in customer markets, 'they have little to do with our problems'. This attitude, WE contend, is based on ignorance of how the SEO concept is applied, and what it has achieved, in the customer merchandise field.

There has been a tendency to regard the function of SEO as applicable only to the large-scale organization. This is a fallacy. Every commercial enterprise, whatever its complexity, must accept the overriding need to satisfy the requirements of its market if it is to achieve a satisfactory return on its investment. The probable reason why the adoption of SEO principles has been delayed in many British firms is that, for decades, the national economy was cushioned from the full force of international economic pressures. This borrowed time has now run out. In the export field Britain's share of world trade has declined. In the home market, now that we are part of the European Economic Community, British manufacturers face severe overseas competition. Industrial management has a vital task of reappraisal and reorganization ahead of it in the 2000's. The increased adoption and development of SEO ideas and techniques must play an essential part in this process.

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Similarly, in the customer field, the decision to ask for a certain brand of soft drink cordial may be made by the child, although it will be his mother who actually will purchase it at the supermarket.

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